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Are residential solar installations in Tompkins County exempt from property taxes?
On this Solar to the People page it says that in Tompkins County solar installations are exempt from property taxes EXCEPT for in:
  • Enfield and Lansing
  • school taxes for the Ithaca City School District
Can anyone confirm or deny or correct this?
At this point in time (2/23/17) Lansing, Enfield and the school districts of the city of Ithaca and Newfield have all opted-out. A frequently updated list can be found at:

In regards to the opt-out itself. For the time being, County Assessment has decided there is not enough information to determine that solar adds value to residential housing. As such, they are not increasing the assessed value for properties with solar and the towns/school districts that have opted out are not receiving any added revenue from solar because taxes are not being assessed on residents that own solar.

To put it shortly - if you install solar right now on your house or in your yard, your taxes will not go up even if you're in an area that has opted out. This will continue to be the case until County Assessment comes to a different conclusion, namely that solar DOES add value to housing prices.

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