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"Expert" Introduction
Who would believe that the act of fishing is conservationism and environmentalism in action? 

Probably very few would. But the reality is that by fishing and sharing our passion for the outdoors, we are passing along a tradition and a legacy. We are creating passion for the natural world that becomes part of our identities. When we cannot separate who we are from the natural world, suddenly conservation takes on a whole new meaning. We begin to sustain ourselves through sustaining wild places and creatures. What is a fisherman without a fish to pursue? What is a fish without a stream to call its home and sustain its species? 

This is the fishing I know. This is the passion for the natural world and aquatic habitat that was drilled into my brain since infancy. I have been carrying around a fly rod since diapers.

Many people do not have this view of fishing. They never took it up because their early experiences left a bad taste in their mouth. I encourage people to seek out their own fishing experiences and connect with the natural world.

My name is Cosmo Genova and I am a fly fishing guide and educator who has been part of the fly fishing community in the Ithaca area for my entire life. My late father, Phil Genova, was a nationally recognized fly fishing educator who (among other things; with help from many others) started the Community Fly Fisher fly shop, the Fly Fishing Apprentice Program, taught the Cornell Fly Fishing and the CCE fly tying classes, began the Ithaca Fishing and Conservation day, worked for Cortland Line Company, was inducted into the Outdoorsmen Hall of Fame, etc. As such I have been intimately involved in this community as a fly fishing and aquatics educator. 

I was approached by GYGBT to moderate the hunting and fishing forums. My "expertise" is obviously centered around fly fishing, although I may be able to help with questions pertaining to other forms of fishing, aquatics, and other general questions.  

Without too much shameless self promotion, I offer my services as a guide to anyone interested in becoming a fly fisherman. My role as a guide is to not only put you on fish, but to educate and help you refine your skills as well. I work with my clients to dramatically accelerate their learning curve and to help them reach their goals as sportsmen/women. Please visit my website, read my blog, and consider my services:

If you want to take the first step to becoming a fisherman please buy a fishing license through the NYSDEC website or a local source (Walmart, Dicks Sporting goods, Town Clerk, etc).  Take the time to familiarize yourself with the general, county, and area specific regulations and species seasons,etc:

Thank you for reading, and please feel free to participate on the forum! Other people may share your same questions!

-Cosmo Genova

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