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Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Plan in Tompkins County
The Ithaca-Tompkins County Transportation Council, Energetics Incorporated, and Clean Communities of Central New York are developing an electric vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Plan for Tompkins County that includes:
  • Existing conditions of EV use and best practices in EV infrastructure;
  • Criteria Tool to evaluate the best locations for EV infrastructure;
  • Site Suitability Report evaluating potential EV charging station sites;
  • Preliminary engineering for five (5) new EV charging stations; and
  • Recommendations for future EV infrastructure in Tompkins County.
Public EV charging station infrastructure will be necessary to make EVs a practical choice for drivers. The results of this year-long project will create the groundwork for establishing a charging network in Tompkins County that facilitates expanded EV use by residents and attracts visitors that drive EVs.
We welcome any insight and feedback on EVs as we conduct this project. The progress and results of this project will be shared on public forums and through an email distribution where you can provide comments; Bryan Roy, Energetics
Please help us gauge the pulse of Tompkins County regarding EVs and EV charging stations by completing the following short survey titled "Tompkins County EV Opinions". Your feedback is very important.

Thank you.

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