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Inviting all Electric Vehicle (EV) questions...
Hi everyone ~ I'm a scientist. I don't claim to be an "expert" in EVs, but I am quite knowledgeable about renewable energy and battery storage. I lease a 2013 Nissan LEAF (3 years, Jun 2013 to Jun 2017) which now has over 23,000 miles on it - with zero maintenance so far - and zero emissions - and very little "range anxiety". All of you who are still driving ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles are... how do I say this nicely?... part of the problem (no, that's not nice)... conservative (no, that's not nice either)... impoverished (well, maybe)... ignorant (not nice, but forgivable if you haven't graduated to indy media).

So, now that I've probably insulted you, ask me an EV question like:
Q: Why don't I see more EVs around?
A: Because, by and large, auto dealers don't want to (or know how to) sell them. If there's interest, I'll elaborate...

Q: What's Consumer Reports' highest rated car ever?
A: An EV - the Tesla Model S (two years in a row)

Q: Are EVs expensive?
A: Depends on your perspective. Compared to what? A typical SUV? A Mini? What's the value of near-zero maintenance and near-zero fuel cost? (rhetorical)

Hey Art,
Thanks for getting things started and moderating this forum. I'm looking forward to learning more about EVs and would like to hear about incentives and tax breaks available in NY.
Dear Eric ~ To my knowledge there are no state incentives for EV purchase or lease - yet. Recently though, NYSERDA issued RFP3239: which anticipates offering some type of rebate in NYS to purchasers of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs). Don't hold your breath though... it could be a couple years before an actual incentive program is announced, if at all. Government moves slowly if not pushed... hard.

Here's a good general source of NYS information:

And here's the guy to complain to, LOUDLY, that NYS is not doing enough, fast enough to bring EV support infrastructure, like DC fast-chargers, online. Tell him I sent you.
Adam Ruder
Clean Transportation
518-862-1090 x3411

The very few DC fast-chargers (aka Level 3 chargers) that do exist were, for the most part, installed by Tesla and are currently limited to Tesla drivers. The one that we have in Ithaca at Diane's Downtown Automotive on State St. can charge all EV types and was conceived and financed by yours truly and Diane Russell (the station owner).

As far as I know, there are no NYS tax breaks for EV owners - yet. Once again, complain, LOUDLY, but this time to your elected reps - seriously CALL THEM OUT on this. As Bernie rightly points out, nothing happens from the top down. It takes grassroots activism make change happen.

On the federal side though, there is still a $7500 tax credit (applicable on a lease or purchase) and a credit for installation of a residential EV charger (typically Level 2, 240V/30A or so). For more detail see:

There is actually a pretty good chance that the State EV incentives will be available later this year. Additional funding for charging stations might be available as well.

NYSERDA has been doing a lot for electric vehicle charging infrastructure in NYS by helping to fund more than half of the stations throughout the state (including the ones at Cayuga Medical Center, Taitem Engineering, and Ithaca Yards). There is also a 50% tax credit for public charging stations that can be added to the 30% tax credit available Federally. Many additional EV projects (education, awareness, dealer collaboratives, etc.) have also been awarded by NYSERDA.

Is it enough, probably not, but it is as much or better than most other States (except for some on the West Coast as noted).
I'm looking for a used Nissan Leaf (after lease expires). Do you have any suggestions for things to look for or problems to look out for?

The used Nissan Leaf cars I see for sale are all outside of the Leaf's range. Can you tow a Leaf on one of those 2-wheel tow dollies?

I'm running electricity to my garage so I can plug in an electric car (used Nissan Leaf). Do you know what amperage circuit and type of outlet I need?

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