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Home Heating/Cooling with Heat Pump Units and Systems
Greetings-- my name is Matt Johnston. I am the Director of HeatSmart Tompkins, a county-wide program of Solar Tompkins. I am thrilled to be assisting Get Your GreenBack Tompkins and contributing to this forum on renewable and high efficiency heating.

I am knowledgeable about heat pump systems--ducted and ductless air-source units, air-source hot water heaters, ground-source geothermal systems--that can be utilized for home heating and cooling. Heat pumps run on electricity and are highly efficient, making them an attractive fossil fuel-free option to heating with propane, fuel oil or natural gas, each of which generate significant greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to regional and global climate change. Further, these traditional heating types can be expensive, and with 75% of home energy use going toward heating and hot water, heat pumps are an increasingly attractive alternative! In combination with better building insulation and air sealing, heat pump systems can comfortably meet 100% of your home's heating needs here in Tompkins County.

Click here, here, and here for more information about heat pump technology, and feel free to pose questions in this forum for me and other moderators to answer. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you!
We are closing on a home very soon -outside of Spencer (still in Tompkins) .  It is heated by electric supplied from the grid. I want to switch to geothermal and solar . Planning to attend the 4.13 meet in Ithaca for more into . Looking forward to meeting you and learning about my options.

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